About the book

Entering business is a minefield. I know because I’ve been there and done it. But here’s where my story differs from those that came out the other side as multi-millionaires. I didn’t. Far from it. Does that qualify me to provide advice on how it should be done? Well you might think not. But let me say this. Given the opportunity again, I would make it. My business may have been different and my approach would certainly have been radically so. Bit I would make it because I now know exactly what needs to be done to survive in business.

This book disseminates my learning in a way that should be very easy to understand. It is the entrepreneur’s nine step survival guide. Whatever your business, wherever you locate it and however much money you have to throw it, each and every step in this book will apply to you. Get a number of them wrong and you are almost certain to fail. Address each one and you will be fine. Become a star performer on each one and you will do significantly better than “fine”.

So what can you expect from the book? Well, it is a pretty far cry from your traditional business textbook. It is mainly a series of anecdotes. Some are from my own personal experience; others from elsewhere that I have witnessed and analysed.

If you are serious about starting out in business, or have already done so, you really should read this book. Of course, I would say that! However as way of an appetiser, check out the sample chapter I provide on the website for download. Or visit the blog.

Whether you decide to read my book or not, I sincerely wish you the best of luck with your business idea or career and thank you for visiting this website.

Chris Jones